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:skullbones: THE CAPTAINS LOG :skullbones:

:bulletred: Captain's Log :bulletblack: Rules :bulletred: FAQ :bulletblack: Royal Navy :bulletred: Character Creation :bulletblack: Character List :bulletred: Leaders and Captains :bulletblack:  
:bulletblack: Feral Pokemon :bulletred: Battle Mechanics :bulletblack:
:bulletblack: Ye Treasurey :bulletred: Ye Purchases :bulletblack: Missions :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Main Chat :bulletblack::bulletblack: RPChat :bulletblack::bulletblack: Open Sea RP Chat :bulletblack:

:bulletred::skullbones: The Weather Worn Log :skullbones::bulletred:

:skullbones: Captain Locations, Current Weather and Recent Events :skullbones:

In the OpenSeaRP the captains are most obviously out on their boats, and in the normal RPChat they are stationed in Lilycove.

Current weather: Spring is in the air as the crews are back in Lilycove once more. The early mornings and evenings are still chilly, but the sunshine is out and there is a wild wind swirling about. Watch out or you might lose your hair!

:skullbones: Current Captains Log :skullbones:

Dasher here~

The crews have had a wonderfully odd trip to Singapore and now find themselves back on the familiar shores of Lilycove. Welcome back to one and all. Enjoy your time back, there's no telling when the next ship out will be!

Missions update:
Missions are currently being updated. The deadline for the newly appointed ones will be June 21, the first day of Summer.

However, there is a new addition to the mission line up. There is now a place where civilians and crew members alike can post up requests. These requests can be anything from babysitting to certain items found in the marketplace, even to shop help.

We would like to extend this opportunity to everyone. If you have a character that you would like to post a request for, please feel free to send a note to the group stating that you have a request. Tell us what the request is, type out the details in the way that you would like it posted, and we shall post it to the missions journal. These requests can also have a limited amount of spots that can be filled. Say if you only want one person to accept the request, state so and there can be a disclaimer added to the mission.  If you are willing, you can even offer a Doubloon/item reward for the request, from your own inventory.

For those that wish to take on the request, post a comment on the mission journal and we will alert the person who is responsible for the post. Just like with the captain's missions, these requests can be RPed or drawn.

The civilian requests will not be limited to a deadline like the captain's are. Since some of these quests my require traveling to other islands (which will come in the near future)
Mission Bonus update.

Ahoy, landlubbers. :v

Lady here to let you know the crews have ported in Singapore. Have fun on this oriental island while you still can as they won't be here forever! Missions will be up soon.

In regards to missions, there will be two to choose from every season. You will be required to complete at least one of the two in order to remain as an "active member" in the group. You do not have to complete one per character, just one for the whole three month season.

If you complete at least one of the missions in background, colored and will receive a bonus amount of doubloons for that one fully completed mission. If you fully complete another mission as will receive the normal amount of doubloons. If you wish to write a story for the mission, 2,500 words are necessary for the bonus. RP logs can be accepted, but they must be in least 3,000+ words.

The bonus for full completion will be an additional 5,000 doubloons on top of how much the mission is originally worth...not to mention you'll get the same amount as a fully colored picture with a background is worth.

This will not start until the first day of Winter...which is Dec. 21st.
-Lady out

Lady here to let you know that at the start of Dec, all crews will be shipping out of port and making their way to.....SINGAPORE! That's right, that means we'll be using the OpenSea RP chat room for a bit until everyone gets there. There may be some additional things to do in Singapore that you can't do in Lilycove~

Lady here! After much discussion with the other mods, we've come to the conclusion to allow every member four main characters and four NPC characters~ Which means everyone now has an additional character slot and NPC slot~ We're also going to be adding the ability to buy a third  character slot and an NPC slot as well into the Purchases folder! Currently we are all in agreement that any previous purchases will not be refunded. Have fun filling up your new character slots, especially since Gen VI is being accepted in the group now! However, to avoid any accidental god-modding with these newer evolutions, Mega-Evolutions are out of the question. They're temporary, too OP and hardly any pokemon have them.

Hello everyone, this is Bloomins throwing out a quick update. Now that Fleet Admiral Beckett and Captain Blackbeard are complete, I have also gone through and updated not only the missions and Royal Navy page, but also the Character List and the requirements for The Navy and Blackbeard on the Character Creation journal (though it shouldn't affect anyone's current designs or characters). Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the new features.~

We're still accepting members as usual, until we reach our cap of 100 members total. Good luck to the new applicants for getting in and don't forget to search through the blogs until you find the two passwords for application. The passwords, as usual, will be in a blog directly related to your approval to the group such as the FAQ, Rules, or Character Creation blog.

~LadyClover out
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Welcome Aboard!

Kiss your life as a Land Lubber behind, matey, because you've signed up for a life at sea! Here on this scroll you can find all sorts of booty like the Captain's Log which has a nifty little directory on it.
If ye have an eye patch or be impaired in some way just look to yer right of what ye be readin'.
Below this here be the Gallery info and such like yer captains, and below the Captain's Log be where you can make yer mark on the scroll. Enjoy or walk the plank!









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I'm currently a bit up in the air with uni work and being at home now, so I won't be coming into the chat rooms for a while (no idea how long it'll be) BUT if anyone wants to rp with Tabitha, I will be responding to notes ASAP, so feel free to hit me up with a note if you want :)
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